Based in Bedfordshire,You Unlimited specialises in leadership and management development and helps business teams and individuals achieve their full potential by removing barriers in communication and improving effectiveness and efficiency.


How ? 

We offer a complimentary 2 hour business development workshop when key members of the organisation's team can consider current business issues (facilitated by an objective professional) and, after receiving a detailed report, can decide whether a customised development programme would improve the efficiency and bottom line of the organisation. 

Our programmes use Clarity4D colour profiling and include planning and implementation of continuous improvement projects and are a good measurement for return on investment.

To arrange your complimentary, no obligation, 2 hour workshop, 

 click here

Clarity4D Profiling

Organisations need good leaders and the first step in leadership is to raise self-awareness and understand the impact of our behaviour on others.  Teams need to recognise and value the differences in their colleagues and the Clarity4D model, based on the work of Carl Jung and linked to colour and the 4 elements of water, earth, air and sun, create a simple and affordable basis for learning. 

To receive a sample of the Clarity4D profile  click here  and see how the 4Ds of Clarity can help your team become more effective.



Causeway House 26 King Street, Potton, Beds, SG19 2QT| 01767 261624

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