" I have been working with Judy Oliver for almost two years on a large learning and development initiative within our Operations function.  The object was improving the awareness of management styles and increasing their effectiveness as a leader.  Judy was involved in this initiative from the outset and has been instrumental in both the design and delivery of all 6 modules that we have now delivered. Judy added an enormous amout of value from the initial brief, introducing such concepts as "colours" for example, and has been very popular with both the delegates and our internal training resource. I have enjoyed working with Judy and hope to do so again."

Michael Greenhalgh, Head of Learning and Development, Coca Cola Enterprises Operations Division

"The course was varied, starting with self awareness which was invaluable. Following on from this we looked at how we work and interact as a team before going on to the sales training.  Throughout our training Judy used a variety of delivery and learning techniques. The days were packed with thought provoking ideas and new techniques to try and report back on subsequent training days how we had got on."

Rachel Churchward, Sales Manager, Floramedia Ltd

“The outcomes from Leading a Can-Do Team programme have been very positive.  The management team now demonstrate a structured approach to planning and communicate at all levels within the organisation.  There is equally a shared understanding of personality types, motivation and interaction which allows us to discuss on going problems with the same vocabulary.  I have no reservations about recommending this course.”

Chris Ryan, MD, St. Andrews Care Homes Group

“Working with our senior management team, You Unlimited very quickly understood our conceptual ideas and turned them into real actions. We learned as individuals how to recognise success and how corporately we should present ourselves.  There was also added value as we explored coaching and self-awareness which brought us closer together as a team."

Chief Fire Officer, Bedfordshire and Luton Fire and Rescue Service


"A key component  to the success of this module was the use of the Clarity 4D profile to help the Charge Nurses identify their own  preferred communication style and that of those they lead.  The effectiveness of the Clarity4D profile is down to its simplicity; quick and easy to complete, accurate results and, most usefully, the visual results using the four colours to identify the four communication "energies".

Sarah Ellis, Head of Management Development dnd Diversity, Care Principles Group


As the Engineering Manager for a team of about 50 people at BP in Baku, Azerbaijan, I found the tool very helpful.  My team is composed of people from a number of different nations and with a wide range of age and experience.  I used Clarity 4D to create a common language and understanding within my team and to help people better understand themselves and their differences with others"

Cassandra Degnan, Drillings and Completions Manager, BP



“You Unlimited recently worked with a group of our scientists and engineers whose work brings them under the spotlight of public, academic and government critique.  They needed to develop confidence, present a positive image and improve their networking and communication abilities.   Comments after the 6 week modular programme included:  “reduced my stress at work and helped at home” - "the tools and tips - they actually work !"


Roger Mills, HR Manager, Nirex



Judy Oliver is currently presenting a series of Personal Impact Workshops to a wide range of staff in the Housing Corporation. This is a key part of our current support to staff through organisation change.   Feedback from staff has been very positive and we have been pleased with the content and style of Judy's delivery which is both engaging and practical, full of useful tools and techniques. Staff have particularly welcomed the Clarity4D personal profile as helping them in their interactions with others, reducing misunderstandings and improving team effectiveness.”

Juliet Hancock, Head of Learning & Development,TSA








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